Klokhuis Summer camp in Hotel Hallo!

Children follow an imaginative teaching method, providing a full week of creative,
informative and active ways to learn and have fun.

ZomerkampHotel Hallo is a learning program devised and written by one of our teachers, Kim Koelewijn. We have been using the program since September 2014 in 't Klokhuis lessons. Hotel Hallo has been implemented by 't Klokhuis in conjunction with the Nederlandse Taalunie and Stichting Nederlands Onderwijs Buitenland.

Klokhuis Summercamp takes on the theme of a hotel - Hotel Hallo. Each day the children experience different adventures with Max and Mia: two children that live in the hotel. Everyday the hotel receives exciting new guests such as: an artist with a valuable work of art; a pirate; a princess; the famous singer 'Do'; and a circus director. There's of course a resident Chef … in short, there's a lot going on!

Do we teach during the camp?
Not in the sense of 'going to school'! We want to motivate the children by learning new vocabulary within the theme of the week. Through this, they improve their vocabulary naturally! Children are encouraged to speak as much Dutch as possible. Every day they follow an exciting schedule of activities both indoors and outdoors, providing your child with a fun way to improve and maintain their Dutch!

Also good to know …
Between the activities there is plenty of time for snacks and toilet breaks. At midday we will have lunch. Children should bring their own sandwiches, but snacks and drinks are provided by us. We will make sure the children get enough food and drinks during the day. We also make sure they all receive adequate suncreen protection. The day ends at 4 pm.

All children are welcome
The summer camp is suitable for all children from 3 to 12 years old. For each age category there are plenty of activities available. Children who do NOT attend 't Klokhuis are also very much welcome to join us!